February 13, 2011


Its got to be that time of year again when our somewhat puritanical society starts referring to animal behavior. Recently we were startled by a reference during our favorite radio broadcast to "fingers like wild badgers" tearing at an unfortunate woman's blouse, an unseemly image that hardly does justice to either apparel or the noble badger.

We thought we would set things right, as some of us are looking to re-invite the wild badger back to the Golden State, from where he has been absent for many a year and where he rightfully belongs. Nevermind some old timers complain the badger had the habit of breaking into cabins to tear up the place worse than a rock band in a hotel room before pissing over everything. Some critters never get a break from nasty rumor.

So here is a badger, apparently angry at the false rumors flying about.

Obviously, that is a poor mug shot, so here are two peaceful badgers minding their own business.

Now badgers are not the only critters to get a bad rap about this time, as innuendoes fly about like, well, like mad wombats.

Googling "mad wombat" (gotta love the English language!) brings up some interesting results. Here we have a wombat who appears rather jovial and not mad at all.

You never know how Google will interpret what you thought was a fairly straightforward term. Here is the 2nd most popular image for "mad wombat".

Now, Eva Longoria is most certainly a fine mammal, but it took reading the byline to understand just how this ebulliant woman would come up under the search term. Apparently she is known to friends (and probably a few enemies) as "The Mad Wombat Eva". Whatever. This pic certainly looks to be a good representation of the Golden State spirit, so stentanorum est.

Since Ms. Longoria is not really of the wombat genus, we provide here an image of a baby wombat that vies for cuteness. Little feller does not appear to be mad at all.

Nothing swells the vernacular around this time more than the legendary pair of "crazed weasels". Back to Google for that one and we once again pull in some gems for this much maligned creature.

Apparently there is even a club with a most disrespectful logo

Continuing our search, we go to the King of cuddly animal representation, hoping for vindication of our friend, only to find that even the gentle Walt Disney has it in for the crazed weasel.

Dear, dear dear. This will not do. We were shocked. Simply shocked. So we invited several known weasel associates to submit portraits. The winner here appears to be ready to don his top hat for job interview or a night at the opera.

So there you have it. If any of you young folks happen to be going at it like crazed weasels this weekend or removing one's duds like wild badgers, we certainly hope you do so with some manner of decorum. At least put an Edith Piaf LP or "The Song of the Lonely Goatherd" on your turntable for the evening.